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Advanced Heart Failure Therapies Program

Heart failure (HF) occurs when a heart is unable to keep up with the demands of the body, meaning the body’s demands on the heart outweigh the supply of blood to the body. As HF progresses, it causes the heart to weaken and eventually makes everyday activities like walking very difficult.

In its early stages, HF can be managed with medication and a healthy lifestyle. The condition is considered “advanced” when conventional heart therapies are no longer effective. However, even at this stage, there are still treatment options at UofL Health - Jewish Hospital.  

UofL Health - Jewish Hospital’s Advanced Heart Failure Therapies Program

  • Collaborative effort between UofL Health - Jewish Hospital and the University of LouisvilleUniversity of Louisville
  • Specializes in helping patients with advanced heart failure that are not responsive to standard medical treatment options
  • Offers a comprehensive treatment approach, which includes medication, device implants such as ventricular assist devices (VADs) or heart transplantation
  • Uses advanced technology and research
  • Performed Kentucky’s first adult heart transplant in 1984
  • Provides more than 20 years of experience with implanting VADs

Heart Transplant Patient Grateful for New Heart

Suffering from heart failure, Lisa Russell knew her heart would not be able to work much longer. She would soon need a transplant. To help her get to that point, physicians at UofL Health - Jewish Hospital implanted a ventricular assist device (VAD) to support her heart in pumping blood to the rest of her body. Three months after her VAD implantation, she received the call that a donor heart was ready and underwent a heart transplantation. Read more of Lisa's story here

Contact the UofL Health - Jewish Hospital Advanced Heart Failure Therapies Program at 502.587.4384 or 1.800.866.7539. For the Inpatient Transfer Center, call 502.587.4496.

Self-refer or Refer a Patient

If you are a patient and would like to self-refer yourself to our program or are a physician who would like to refer a patient, complete the advanced heart failure referral form.

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