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The Peace Promises Program

Peace Hospital is no longer offering Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programs. However, please refer to our Adolescent Pathways to Peace for information about our Substance Use Rehabilitation program and Partial Hospitalization program “Crossroads.”

The Peace Promises Program is a school-based Intensive Outpatient Program and uses The Seven Challenges to provide your teen with the tools they need to make healthy, drug free choices. Adolescents can discover that there are alternatives to using substances by learning to think through  their decisions, talk about their problems and develop a network of support. The Peace Promises Program and The Seven Challenges work together to improve your teen’s life and their relationship with family, school and community.

We accept most major insurances; however financial assistance may be available. Please ask about transportation availability.

For more information or to enroll, please call our FREE Assessment and Referral Center at 502-451-3333.


“It may feel like there's no help in sight; we are here to give you help, hope and support on your journey.”

- Janine Dewey, Director Adolescent Substance Use Services