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Cardiac rehabilitation, or rehab, is a medically supervised program designed to help heart patients improve physical strength and overall well-being. Studies show that cardiac rehab helps people recover faster and live longer. In the twenty-first century, cardiac rehab programs have become synonymous with health and wellness for persons with coronary heart disease. Controlled studies of outpatient cardiac rehab programs have shown that participation resulted in a 25 percent reduction in mortality, a 37 percent reduction in sudden death in post MI (heart attack) patients and for those who remained active after cardiac rehab had a reduced mortality of 30 percent to 79 percent!

Saint Joseph Health's Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program helps patients down the road to recovery-and beyond-in a highly personalized and compassionate environment. Saint Joseph Cardiac Rehab boasts excellent outcomes, skilled and attentive staff and facilities that can't be beat.

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac Rehabilitation at Saint Joseph Health is an exercise and education program, especially designed to help heart patients reduce or control cardiac risk factors, improve cardiovascular fitness and actually learn to thrive with heart disease.

We work with men and women who have experienced heart attacks, have undergone cardiac surgery or coronary angioplasty (ptca) or stent placement.

What is the program like?

In the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program we focus on:

  • exercise
  • nutrition and weight control
  • stress management
  • education
  • support

We will tailor your individual program to your needs. Staff members will keep thorough files on you, sharing all information with you and your physicians.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation
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Cardiac Rehabilitation
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Cardiac Rehabilitation
Flaget Memorial Hospital
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Cardiac Rehabilitation