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Expert Cardiovascular Services in Kentucky

The Saint Joseph Heart Institute is at the forefront of Kentucky cardiology in both heart care and research. Here, cardiologists, heart surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals provide the latest treatments for all forms of heart disease in adults and children--from common problems to rare or life-threatening conditions.

Whether you've been referred for diagnostic testing, cardiac treatment or disease management, your best interests are at the heart of every medical recommendation we make and every care option we provide. A full range of advanced coronary interventional procedures such as angioplasty and stent implantation are also performed by our cardiologists in Kentucky.

Cardiologists at Saint Joseph Health work to prevent heart disease as well as to treat it. Your cardiologist may conduct a variety of cardiac tests to gain important information about your heart and circulation. For example, you may have an exercise tolerance test that involves walking or jogging on a treadmill. This test can detect heart disorders that could be missed while you are at rest. Another common test is an echocardiogram that takes sound wave pictures of your heart. There are no side effects or pain involved. This test can provide a wealth of information about the four chambers of your heart, problems with your heart valves and the strength of your heart muscle.

After the problem has been diagnosed your cardiologist will develop a treatment plan and work with your primarfy care provider to manage your ongoing healthcare needs. Whether this includes medication, lifestyle changes or surgery, your cardiologist will be a primary member of your healthcare team.

Saint Joseph Health Cardiovascular Specialists strive to provide patients with state-of-the-art technology, advanced prevention and treatment of cardiac disease and the highest quality of medical care, resulting in enhanced cardiovascular health and lifestyles.

We are helping to raise the standard of cardiovascular care in Kentucky by offering our patients the most advanced cardiovascular testing capabilities and cutting edge corrective procedures available.

We work diligently to respond to our referring physicians' and patients' immediate needs. This commitment by our cardiologists to speed and testing allows us to provide critical information to make better medical decisions that can save lives.

Kentucky Cardiologists

Our cardiologists are pioneers in heart care. They:

  • Bring breakthrough technologies to the operating room
  • Test methods to encourage new blood vessel growth
  • Use minimally invasive techniques to treat heart problems in even the tiniest patients

Advanced Kentucky Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Saint Joseph Heart Institute is home to one of the most experienced programs in robotic and minimally invasive cardiac surgery. This approach results in a faster recovery and reduces the risk of complications compared to traditional open chest surgery.

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