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Chest Pain Observation

If you're experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately or go to your nearest ER.

Chest Pain Observation at Medical Center Jewish East and Medical Center Jewish South provides low-risk chest pain patients prompt diagnosis and high-quality treatment. Patients admitted to the program can expect to be discharged or transferred to an inpatient facility within 23 hours. 

What to Expect

You may qualify for the Chest Pain Observation program if you have no major cardiac history and arrive at Medical Center Jewish East’s or Medical Center Jewish South’s Emergency Department with initial complaints of chest pain. If determined medically necessary, a full cardiac evaluation will be completed on the same day or shortly after discharge. This thorough heart assessment has the ability to rule out an acute cardiac event.

About Chest Pain Observation

  • Offers exceptional care within the community and will reduce nonessential patient transfers to downtown Louisville
  • Prevents unnecessary inpatient admissions
  • First overnight program for patients admitted in the evening
  • Provides a unique service
  • Considered “best practice” by American College of Emergency Physicians®
  • Produces shorter length of stay
  • Decreases health care cost for patients

Our goal with chest pain observation is to get you diagnosed and on a treatment plan within 15 to 18 hours of arrival. This may include having a stress test completed on the same day or within 72 hours of discharge.

Don’t take chances if you experience any signs of a heart attack. First, call 9-1-1. Then, trust the experts at UofL Health. We have the experience and the technology to offer the most complete range of diagnostic and interventional heart care services available anywhere in the region.