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Tips for Healing - Children

Parents and caregivers of children who have had a concussion can help them recover by taking an active role in their recovery:

  • Have the child get plenty of rest. Keep a regular sleep schedule, including no late nights and no sleepovers.
  • Make sure the child avoids high-risk/high-speed activities such as riding a bicycle, playing sports, climbing playground equipment, or riding roller coasters and other rides that could result in a second bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body. Children should not return to these types of activities until the doctor says they are well enough.
  • Give the child only those drugs that are approved by the pediatrician or family physician.
  • Talk with the doctor about when the child should return to school and other activities and how the parent or caregiver can help the child deal with the challenges that the child may face. For example, your child may need to spend fewer hours at school, rest often, or require more time to take tests.
  • Share information about concussion with siblings, teachers, counselors, babysitters, coaches, and others who interact with the child. Sharing this information will help them understand what has happened and how to meet the child’s needs.

If symptoms persist for 3-5 days or longer, seek medical attention.