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Helpful Resources

There are many ways to take care of your diabetes and many “tools” you can use to improve your health and prevent diabetes problems. Information below is only a start - there is a lot more to know about diabetes. When you learn more about diabetes, it will be easier  to take better care of yourself. The more you understand the more choices you have about when and what to eat, about exercise, and how to get help, and about how you want to live.

The outpatient classes at UofL Health Diabetes Care will provide you with the rest of the tools you need to control your diabetes. Ask your doctor about referring you for diabetes self-management education.

Patient Referral Forms

To register for a diabetes and nutrition care program, please download the referral form and give it to your physician. Have your physician fax the form to our office, and we will contact you to schedule your appointment. 

Download the Diabetes and Nutrition Care Program referral form

Download the Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy referral form

Contact Diabetes & Nutrition

  • For Louisville /Surrounding Counties, please call:  502-587-4465