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Golf Performance

Physical limitations in joint and tissue motion, strength deficits and balance impairments can negatively impact a golf swing at any level.  Gaining a balance between strength, range of motion, and swing technique, can improve anyone’s game. With staff trained in the world’s leading golf performance systems, we are offering a variety of programs to enhance your overall fitness and address the physical performance needs specific to the game of golf.  Golfers of all ages and ability levels will benefit from medically supervised training programs designed to improve physical deficits that are affecting their swings.  Our program will especially benefit anyone who experiences discomfort during or after a round of golf.  If you have been previously injured, and would like to return to golf, we will help get you back in the game.  This works best in coordination with your golf professional that will provide game management and swing instruction.  We will enhance your ability to perform the golf professional’s instructions and partner with your instructor to get the most out of your game.

  • Premier Assessment Package:  Physical assessment, fitness assessment, video assessment of your swing, nutrition counseling, review of physical deficits and how they relate to your swing characteristics, overview of corrective exercises to address your individual needs.   90 min.

  • Basic Assessment Package:  Physical assessment, video assessment, review of physical deficits and how they relate to your swing characteristics. 45 min.

  • Individual Training Session:  Customized training to improve your physical deficits.  45 min.

  • 3 Individual Training Sessions Package:  45 min each.

Team Assessment and Training Package Discounts Available:  Call for pricing.

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