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Holistic Care Council

The Holistic Care Council (HCC) is a system-wide, interdisciplinary council that provides support to all UofL Health Louisville Area Facilities. It is focused on promoting compassion and providing education on complimentary and healing therapies. The purpose of the Council is to:

  • Promote therapeutic partnerships with all disciplines
  • Collaborate with the Education and Professional Development and Interdisciplinary Research and EBP Councils to promote research, education and scholarship in the field of holistic nursing
  • Work to improve the health of the workplace through incorporation of holistic nursing concepts and practices
  • Educate professionals and the public about holistic nursing, integrative healthcare and complimentary alternative medicine
  • Endorse self-care for all team members
  • Provide leadership for selecting and applying nursing theory as a guide for nursing practice.

The Council addresses the spiritual, emotional and physical concerns of each patient, as well as for colleagues and caregivers, promoting and implementing the goal of self-care. Regular speakers are invited to learn more about various types of therapies.

The Holistic Care Council emphasizes values of kindness, respect, compassion and care for both patients and team members. The Council works by doing, teaching and leading, all by fostering an environment of healing throughout the organization.

Healthier caregivers give healthier care, and healthier care leads to better patient outcomes.

The council meets on 4th Thursday of the month, from 11am-12:30pm, in the 10th floor Frazier Dining Room. For more information, contact Susan Ridge, chair, at, or James Moore, co-chair, at

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