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Lifestyle Connect Program

This membership program is designed to meet your goals and values when it comes to total body health and wellness.  

After completing a one-time initial assessment ($68) and a review of your goals with a Master’s-prepared Clinical Exercise Physiologist or a Registered Nurse, we will help you select a program track that suits your goals. Our clinical specialists will guide you in reaching your desired outcomes through education and motivation techniques. You are also supported by a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Clinical Social Worker through your track (if applicable).

The cost is either $40/month (for up to four monthly vists) or $75/month (for unlimited monthly use).

Lifestyle Connect Tracks Offered

Diabetes: No matter if you have Type I or Type II diabetes, newly diagnosed, or if you have had diabetes all your life, our diabetes track is for you. Opportunities to attend education sessions through our Diabetes Education program are available, as well as individualized care and a complete exercise program.

Exercise: Our clinical team will offer you a full exercise prescription including how to operate exercise equipment safety, setting intensity levels, proper warm-ups and cool-downs, and the basics of a safe but yet exciting exercise program. Who says exercise can’t be fun? Based on your goals, more of an emphasis can be placed on strength training, cardio enhancement or the best of both worlds in your thorough exercise prescription.

Heart Failure:  How can my heart “fail”? This is a difficult diagnosis to understand. Our multidisciplinary team approach to heart failure is packed with education and we take the time to ensure you and your family understand a heart failure diagnosis. Let us help you through this and even improve your heart function through exercise, nutrition counseling, and, most important, education and support.

Pulmonary: Learn more about your pulmonary diagnosis in our educational classes and through exercise focused on decreasing shortness of air and improving breathing techniques.

Smoking Cessation: This track assists you to successfully quit smoking with a team approach. Working alongside clinical staff, you will have a comprehensive quit plan and support along the way.

Stress Reduction: Whether it be meditation, relaxation training and techniques or coping skills classes, we offer a variety of stress management opportunities to sooth your worries. This track offers exercise in coordination with stress reducing techniques to calm you and help you focus on your “inner you”!

Weight Reduction: Let us assist you with your weight loss goals through a guided exercise program and a plant-based nutrition approach.

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