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Job Shadowing Program

Job shadowing through Volunteer Services is for Observation Only! 

If you need hands-on experience, please call the facility where you wish to shadow and ask for the Education Department.  Job Shadowers will not provide any patient care or perform any job or volunteer duties.

Step #1:  Find your shadow sponsor - This is the professional that has agreed to allow you to shadow him or her in our facilities.  Please keep in mind, we can not help you find a sponsor.

Step #2:  Once you have a shadow sponsor, please complete a job shadowing application.  The application will require you to enter the name, address, phone number, and email address of your sponsor so please do not attempt to complete the application until you have a sponsor:

Job Shadow Application  

If you intend to shadow AND volunteer, please do not complete this form.  Instead, choose your desired location from the menu and complete the full application.  You can indicate in the Additional Information box that you intend to shadow as well.

Step #3:  Complete the Volunteer/Shadower Orientation - Click on Volunteer/Shadower Orientation in the column to the left and complete all of the items on the page.

Step #4:  Complete these forms

Step #5:  Gather the medical requirements

  • Proof of current immunizations meeting KYOne Health’s requirements.
  • TWO TB skin test results or the results of a T-Spot from within the past year (If you do not have the results of two recent TB tests or a T-Spot, you are responsible for getting this done on your own).
  • Proof of Mandatory Flu Vaccination (October - April) - your documentation should include:
    • You name and date of birth
    • The type of vaccine given
    • The date of the injection
    • The signature of the person who gave you the injection

Step #6:  When you have completed and gathered all of the items indicated above, please call the Volunteer Office and arrange a time to turn in your paperwork, and have a badge made.

  • UofL Health - Jewish Hospital and Frazier Rehabilitation:  (502) 587-4345
  • Mary and Elizabeth and Peace Hospitals:  (502) 361-6744

Step #7: Prior to shadowing, you will need provide consent for a criminal background check. This consent may be given in any way deemed appropriate by the third party administering the criminal background check. Criminal background checks will include:

  1. Social Security Number trace
  2. OIG/GSA Excluded Parties check
  3. National Sex Offender Registry check
  4. State criminal search
  5. Criminal felony & misdemeanor search

Step #8:  Complete your shadowing, report your hours to the Volunteer Office, and turn in your badge.


  1. The Job Shadowing candidate must be at least 16 years of age and must provide written, parental/legal guardian permission if less than 18 years of age.
  2. Job Shadowing will typically occur Monday through Friday from 8 am to 9 pm. Only under extenuating circumstances will job shadowing occur at any other time.
  3. The Manager/designee receiving the request for the observational experience will direct the request to Volunteer Services.
  4. The Job Shadower will submit all the required forms to Volunteer Services.
  5. The returned forms will be kept on file by Volunteer Services for a period of one year.
  6. The Job Shadower will wear a UofL Health ID Badge while on site and will return the badge to the Volunteer Office when the observation period has ended.
  7. The Job Shadowing candidate will be under the direct supervision and responsibility of the assigned UofL Health employee.
  8. The Health employee will ensure the Job Shadower complies with all departmental and organizational standards.
  9. The UofL Health employee will work to ensure a positive educational experience while always maintaining the needs of the patients as first priority.
  10. At the discretion of the UofL Health employee, the Job Shadowing experience may be ended at any time prior to the scheduled conclusion. Reasons for ending the experience may include but are not limited to:
    1. Patient care needs.
    2. Refusal or unwillingness of Job Shadower to comply with organizational and/or departmental standards.
    3. Refusal or unwillingness of Job Shadower to comply with requests and direction of UofL Health employee.
    4. Business needs and demands warrant the experience to end.