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Cancer Care

Patients are offered advanced research and innovative treatment options for fighting cancer at UofL Health's James Graham Brown Cancer Center.  From traditional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation to advanced immunotherapy treatments, cancer patients in Louisville and throughout the region have access to world class oncology care without leaving their community.

We are committed to providing our patients care for all types of cancer including breast, prostate, colorectal and gastrointestinal and lung cancers. Our goal is to provide the most advanced cancer care available including:

  • Radiation therapy and infusion services including chemotherapy, rehabilitative services and holistic medicine services
  • Screening programs for cancer prevention and early detection
  • Screening programs with a focus on colonoscopy, mammography and lung cancer screenings
  • Participation in clinical trials to advance cancer research

For patient care, we partner with the patient, their family and physicians to access clinical trials and innovative research to ensure the best possible outcome.  Dedicated Clinical Coordinators also help navigate patients through their difficult illness by offering assistance with scheduling, providing educational resources and making referrals to support services.

Supported by nine area hospital/outpatient care locations, UofL Health Cancer Care offers patients convenient diagnostic, medical imaging and screening services. Click here to learn more about cancer prevention and detection and here to learn about various cancer treatment options.