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Talk to your primary care physician about scheduling these important wellness screenings.

Preventive health screenings are key to detecting diseases before you have symptoms.

Screening tests can find diseases early, when they're easier to treat. Schedule your screening or speak with your UofL Primary Care physician to learn more about each health screening.

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Breast Cancer

Who: Women
Age: 40 and older
When: Annually

Breast Cancer Screening

Colon Cancer

Who: Men & Women
Age: 45 and older
When: Every 10 years

Colon Cancer Screening

Lung Cancer

Who: Men & Women
Age: 55 to 77
When: Annually

Lung Cancer Screening

Vascular Disease

Who: Men & Women
Age: 50 and older
When: Annually

Vascular Screening

Prostate Cancer

Who: Men
Age: 50
When: Annually

Prostate Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer

Who: Men & Women
Age: 30 and older
When: Annually

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Body Mass Index

Who: Men & Women
Age: 20 and older
When: Annually

Calculate BMI

Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Who: Men & Women
Age: 20 and older
When: Every 2 years

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Glucose (Diabetes)

Who: Men & Women
Age: 45
When: Every 3 years

Glucose Screening

Hepatitis C

Who: Men & Women
Age: Adults
When: Ask primary care

Hepatitis C Screening