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Pancreas Transplantation

A pancreas transplant is a surgical procedure to place a healthy pancreas from a donor into a person whose pancreas no longer functions properly. Most pancreas transplants are done to treat cases of Type I Diabetes.

The side effects of a pancreas transplant can be significant, so pancreas transplant is typically reserved for those who have serious Diabetes complications. A pancreas transplant in someone with severe Type I Diabetes with healthy kidney function may drastically lower his or her risk factors associated with Type I Diabetes, oftentimes removing the need for insulin or dialysis.

A pancreas transplant is often done in conjunction with a kidney transplant if the diabetes has progressed to a point where kidney failure is also present.

Our trained team of professionals recognizes your pancreas transplant is not simply a surgery, but rather a process for which to prepare, both physically and emotionally. Consultants will work closely with you through the entire process to ensure you stay and healthy and strong as you await your transplant, educate you and help manage your fears and uncertainties associated with the procedure. And when it’s over, our team is right there to provide you all the care needed for recovery, as well as resources to help you maintain your quality of life.