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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

At Medical Center Jewish East, we offer several new shoulder replacement options for those suffering from advanced shoulder arthritis. Patient-specific procedures allow us to implant replacement components with pinpoint accuracy, and you may be able to go home the same day or next day comfortably.

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Types of Shoulder Replacement

We offer anatomic and reverse shoulder replacement for those suffering from advanced shoulder arthritis.

Anatomic Shoulder Replacement

Anatomic shoulder replacement preserves the normal anatomic relationship between ball and socket, mimicking normal shoulder anatomy. The diseased humeral head or ball is removed and replaced with a new metallic substitute and the glenoid cavity or socket is resurfaced with a polyethylene or plastic.

The joint maintains its normal position and the new humeral head replacement glides over the plastic resurfacing of the socket.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Reverse shoulder replacement is typically reserved for patients with arthritis resulting from a large rotator cuff tear. As the name implies, reverse shoulder replacement simply reverses the orientation of the ball and socket joint—the socket is reamed into the humerus, and the ball is secured into the scapula.

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Watch the video below to learn more about advances in shoulder surgery from Dr. Kevin Harreld.