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Primary Care

Establishing a relationship with a primary care physician is an essential part of your health care routine. In doing so, your physician will become familiar with your personal medical history, family medical history and your medication list. You will learn about preventative care, get treated for acute illness quickly, and be sent to a specialist when needed. Family physicians provide both immediate and routine day-to-day health care services, including diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses for patients of all ages. Family physicians also provide preventive and health maintenance services, gynecological services, minor surgery and urgent care.

We work with Primary Care physicians who specialize in Sports Medicine. See the team below.

Jonathan Becker, MD




Jonathan A Becker, MD




Jennifer Daily, MD




Jennifer P Daily, MD




Paul McKee, IV, MD




Paul McKee, IV, MD




Jessica Stumbo, MD

Jessica R Stumbo, MD