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Sports Safety

When it comes to most sports-related activities, your hands are your most valuable assets. Protecting them is key to keeping ahead of the competition. Follow these important tips to stay injury-free all season:

  • Have a thorough physical exam from your doctor to determine individual risk factors and your body’s readiness.
  • Always wear proper sporting equipment; equipment should fit and meet national safety standards.
  • Perform proper stretches before and after the sport.
  • Continue to protect old injuries by wearing supportive braces and splints if needed.
  • Know and abide by the rules of the sport.
  • Eat properly drink plenty of water to hydrate your body before, during and after the sport.
  • Get plenty of sleep.


To learn more about the UofL Health - Jewish Hospital Hand Care Center, please contact 502.587.4799 or 502.561.4263. For additional information on hand care emergencies, call 502.540.3727.