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Bariatric Psychological Evaluation

Weight loss surgery is about more than just physical change. It’s also an emotional transformation, as you commit to a whole new way of life.

To ensure you feel confident and prepared for the journey ahead, your weight loss team at UofL Health includes a licensed psychologist, here to support you at every step.

Pre-Operative Assessment

As part of our bariatric program, you will undergo psychological assessment and testing prior to your weight loss surgery. Our psychologist will meet with you in our private office setting to determine your understanding and expectations of your procedure, and the lifestyle changes required for long-term success.

It is important to identity any mental health needs you may have so we can support you through the surgical process and recovery, including coaching you on new skills to change unhealthy habits. Any requirement for additional counseling will be recommended through open discussion.

Post-Operative Support

We believe that it is important to provide continued support for our patients both physically and emotionally. Your psychologist is available to meet with you after surgery, to help you address any behaviors or emotions that may interfere with your weight loss and wellness goals.

Learn More with a Free Seminar

For more information on all aspects of the weight loss surgery journey, be sure to join us for a free seminar. We’ll explore a variety of procedures and the adjustments you’ll need to make to reach your goals.

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