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Helpful Weight Loss Surgery Resources

Wherever you are on your weight loss journey, UofL Health is here to help you find your way. Start with the helpful resources below and get the support you need to live your healthiest life.

Free Weight Loss Surgery Seminar

Wondering if weight loss surgery is right for you? You owe it to yourself to find out at an upcoming session. We’ll walk through the different types of procedures we offer, including the benefits, risks and expected results of each. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions to help you make the right choice for your life. To save your spot, call 502.513.6026 or fill out our quick form.

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Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

Life after surgery can be a challenge, both physically and emotionally, as you adjust to new habits and routines. If you’ve had a procedure at UofL Health, be sure to join one of our regular support groups to help stay on track. It’s also a great chance to connect with people who’ve experienced similar struggles and successes.

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  • Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster by Huddleston & Northup
  • The Doctor's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery; How to Make the Decision That Could Save Your Life by Biskin, Manfred, & Flancbaum
  • A Complete Guide to Obesity Surgery by B. Woodward
  • Weight Loss Surgery: Finding the Thin Person Hiding Inside You by B. Woodward
  • Weight Loss Surgery: Understanding & Overcoming Morbid Obesity by M. Boasten
  • Preparing for Surgery: A Mind-Body Approach to Enhance Healing and Recovery by Deardorff & Reeves

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